Mosquito Bite Relief

There’s not a lot that’s more frustrating than the urge to itch and knowing that when you do satisfy your itch you’re actually mosquito bitemaking it worse. Mosquito bites are so itchy and while most of us have strategies to prevent getting bitten, there’s always a few that are going to get through your defenses. I hate putting chemicals of any kind on my skin, so I was looking for a natural alternative to soothe the itch.


Aloe vera - mosquito bite reliefI did some research and found that Aloe vera – amazing plant – is not only useful for the relief of burns and abrasions, but works for mosquito bite relief also.

You want to make sure you have the right Aloe (Aloe vera) as there are many different Aloes. I’ve grown it for as long as I can remember.


All you need do is break a small piece from the plant and squeeze the gel out onto your mosquito bite. You should feel almost instant relief – from both the mild pain and the itch. You can store the piece of Aloe vera that you broke off your plant in a small plastic bag or container in your fridge and reapply as needed. It will keep for at least a week this way. So there you have it – another tip using something nature provided – to give you mosquito bite relief.

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P.S. The picture is some Aloe vera I had grown from pups (the little plants at the base), ready to go into bigger pots

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