Home Remedy To Quickly And Cheaply Restore Old Timber Furniture

Here’s a very quick and cheap way to restore old timber furniture.

I read about it online somewhere, so I thought I’d give it a go. We’d just renovated our main bedroom and installed a walk-in-robe and I didn’t want to put these old 1950’s style bedside tables back into our lovely new bedroom.
Here’s a photo of what I was starting with:

Furniture restoration

Now, I’d be pretty embarrassed to admit to this chest of drawers belonging to me, but in my defence I had only recently moved in with my partner and he was quite happy to see them go… or be turned into fire wood, which was really about all they were good for.
But I found this home remedy amazing and had to share it.

First you’ll need some soft cloths, one to rub the liquid into the furniture, the other to wipe away excess. You’ll also need equal amounts of white vinegar and cooking oil (I used olive oil, but I expect any cooking oil will soak in OK too).

home remedy oil vinegar mix

If you look closely you can see that the oil is separate from the vinegar and sits on top. Don’t worry about this as when you dip your cloth into the cup you’ll find you end up with a fairly even mix on your cloth.
Then just start rubbing the wet part of your cloth along the grain of the timber. Immediately you notice that most of the scratch marks and stains will remarkably disappear before your very eyes. I was amazed at the difference this made to these old drawers. And it all happens very quickly. Now I did allow an hour or so before I ran another soft cloth over the top to soak up any excess, but the timber sucks most of it in.

pic4 half rubbed in

home remedy polish rubbed in

I’ve included a photo below where I’ve just wiped over the right hand side of these drawers, not having done anything to the left hand side, just for comparison.

half drawers with remedy

And of course, here’s the finished bedside table.

pic7 finished

Now I could have just thrown these drawers out (or use them for fire wood), but instead I sold them on eBay for $50. Besides, I’d rather have an item re-used or recycled that dispose of it. So everybody wins.
If you’ve got any ideas on how to restore old furniture quickly and cheaply, please leave a comment.


To your health and happiness,

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