Head Cold Remedies

Best Head Cold Remedy In 4 Easy StepsCold or Flu

Step 1. Scoop up a generous teaspoon of honey (raw is best, but not essential), place in a normal size glass and mix in enough hot water to melt the honey.
Step 2. Add enough cold water to almost fill the glass.
Step 3. Add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (only use brands that make their vinegar from whole apples) and stir.
Step 4. Drink a glass of this mix three times a day for a cold or flu and you should feel much better or even completely over it within 2 days.

Home remedy for colds and fluHow simple is that?

Now this head cold remedy is not mine, but comes from my partner Peter. He was visiting the chiropractor when he was a lot younger and had a head cold at the time. His chiropractor gave him this simple home remedy to try.

I don’t ever suffer from colds or flu, but Peter assures me that even though it tastes ghastly, it works for him every time. It can’t hurt giving it a go though as water, honey and apple cider vinegar are all very good for you anyway.

Please comment below and let me know how you go with this simple head cold remedy and I welcome any other suggestions or remedies.

To your health and happiness,

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